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Down below on this page you will find some of our most popular services. From nutrition challenges to physical training.

Your New Challenge Starts

Optimal health

IWU is our webinar series featuring webinars on blue light, leptin, circadian biology, DHA, nnEMF, and more to come……..You will need to create an account or some of the webinars you can find on my Youtube channel (YunTraining)

 Just Cleanse Nutritional Cleansing Challenge Nutritional Cleansing System

47-Day Ketogenic Diet Challenge 

Low carb high fat LBN Online strength & Fitness workouts

Click here to learn more & JOIN the 47-Day Keto Challenge

Improvement Warrior Online Training

Get the workouts programmed by Jason Yun. Track your performance through the Wodify App.

Fat Dad Program

Are you a fat dad? Or is there one in your life.
Go from Fat Dad to Fit Dad with the help of Yun

Hire Jason as Your Nutrition Coach

nutrition coaching with jason yun

Paleo Challenge 

30 Day Paleo Challenge

30 Day Paleo Challenge with Jason Yun

If you are ready for Our Nutritional Cleansing and fat burning systems or would like more information please contact Jason Yun below:

  1. Email
  2. Call 614-304-1426
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Want to get started with your training with us?

Improvement Warrior Fitness Adult Strength & Conditioning:

42-Day Fat Loss Jump Start Challenge

Athletic Revolution-Hilliard- Youth Sports & Fitness Training (8 & up) (new website will open)

Youth speed and agility and fitness Hilliard, OH

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