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If you are looking for a home workout system, check this out. It’s the Look Better Naked Online Fitness Bootcamp. All types of workouts from beginner to advanced. Kettlebells to bands to bodyweight and more. Just $4.95 trial for the 1st month. It’s interval training at it’s best.  All you need is an internet connection or smart phone. Check it out at


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Do you workout out at home? Then try Look Better Naked Online Fitness. Beginner up to advanced workouts @yuntraining


Done for you email-

I just finished with this and thought it could be some use to you. It’s the Look Better Naked Online Fitness Bootcamp. A trainer named Jason Yun has a bunch of workouts online and you pick which one you want to do and workout with him. It’s pretty cool.

Here’s some information on the online bootcamp:

1. All the workouts are online. You just log in and pick the one you want to do for the day. Save time, gas, and money. To start there is a $4.95 30-day trial, if you don’t like you cancel anytime.
2. New workouts are added every month.
3. We have different types of bootcamp workouts for everybody: Beginner, Advanced, Kettlebell, Body weight, abs, bands, and more to come 🙂
4. All the workouts have a full tutorial taking you through the workouts. Alternates are provided if you cannot do the written exercise.
5. For harder exercises and the basic exercises there is a longer, dedicated tutorial section.
6. New healthy Recipes are added monthly
7. All of his past articles about nutrition and fitness are also on the site.
8. When you register for your trial you will get access to 2 nutrition bonuses.
9. When you become a paying member you will be sent 3-months of Done-for-you meal plans by a registered dietician.
10. The highest you will ever pay is $19.95 a month.
11. There is a forum that you can ask any question you like as well as post your results, keep track of workouts and/or nutrition.
You can learn more and register here:
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call or email him.


Thank you in advance and good luck to you in your fitness and nutrition endeavours. Feel free to come back anytime.

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Jason Yun

President of the LBN Online Strength & Fitness Workouts

Online Workouts and Personal training for weight loss

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