Nutrition Challenges

47-Day Ketogenic Diet Challenge

Keto is eating low carb, high fat. The whole premise is controlling your blood sugars and turning your body from a sugar (carb) burner to a fat burner.

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30-Day Cleanse Challenge

Cleansing is important to detox the body from the toxins that come into our environment from the food we eat, the chemicals outside and inside, and the chemicals we put on our body. Most people who think ‘cleanse’ think of being in the bathroom a lot– this is not that type of cleanse ????

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9-Day Cleanse Challenge

If 30-days is too much to commit to at first we recommend the 9-day cleanse.

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30-Day Paleo Challenge

Paleo is eating real whole foods much like the caveman ate. Just like all the other challenges listed, eating real food will start the shift towards moving your body back to normalcy.

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