Beginner Bootcamp Jump Program Workouts 13-24

Below are the workouts for the Beginner Bootcamp Jump program. It is an 8-week program. Workouts #1-12 ramp up in intensity, then you simply repeat the workouts again to try and improve your performance.

Remember to keep track of your reps.

If you don’t have a band and don’t know where to start please visit either the EQUIPMENT PAGE, or the FAQ- ONLINE FITNESS BOOTCAMP.

Repeat this program as many times as you feel necessary until you are ready to move up to the other bootcamp workout genres that we have on the site. Post your results and success in the Forum! And please leave a comment on the workout pages letting me know what you think about the workout. I always welcome your feedback 🙂

Stay Strong,

Jason Yun

Beginner Bootcamp Jump Program


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