Phase 1 Advanced Bootcamp Workouts

On this page you will find Phase 1 of the Advanced Bootcamp Workouts.

Workouts ramp up in intensity as you go up in number (although there are some surprises).  You can repeat the workouts again to try and improve your performance, that’s why we recommend keeping track of your reps for certain exercises.

If you don’t have a band and don’t know where to start please visit either the EQUIPMENT PAGE, or the FAQ- ONLINE FITNESS BOOTCAMP.

Post your results and success in the Forum! And leave a comment on the workouts, let me know what you thought of the workout. I always welcome your feedback 🙂

Stay Strong,

Jason Yun

Here is the Phase 1

Bootcamp Workouts

Workout 1 (26:22)

Workout 2 (29:21, Band Needed)

Workout 3 (27:31, Swiss Ball, Med Ball or Some Type of Resistance Needed)

Workout 4 (29:27, Band Needed)

Workout 5 (36:07, Band Needed)

Workout 6 (29:10, Band Needed)

Workout 7 (28:40, Band Needed)

Workout 8 (27:04, Band Needed)

Workout 9 (27:30, Band Needed, Weight optional)

Workout 10 (29:33, Band need)

Workout 11 (31:28, Band Needed)

Workout 12 (30:21, Band Needed)

Workout 13 (28:39, Band and Swiss Ball Needed)

Workout 14 (30:52, Band Needed)

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  1. Steven Bissonnette says:

    Workout 1 is great. I love the online format. It’s as good as being there.

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