10. Challenge Workouts

On this page you will find the Phases the Challenge Workouts. Click on a Phase to go to the workouts of that Phase. Each Phase will have 15 workouts in it.

These workouts are the workouts that I give to my clients to test their strength and fitness at our physical locations.

Each one is named after a professional wrestler or Sylvester Stallone characters. Workouts change in intensity.   You can repeat the workouts again to try and improve your performance, that’s why we recommend keeping track of your reps for certain exercises. Goal is to come back and beat your previous best. 


If you don’t have a band and don’t know where to start please visit either the EQUIPMENT PAGE, or the FAQ- ONLINE FITNESS BOOTCAMP.


Stay Strong, Stay Positive, Be the Improvement Warrior! 

Jason Yun

Phase #1

online home gym workouts

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