77-Day Fitness & Nutrition Challenge


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77-Day Challenge for LBN Online Strength & Fitness Workouts

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

A level just for you! We have workout plans fit to your fitness level. We have a total of 3 workout plans You bring the intensity and watch your body change!

The workouts are specifically designed to get your metabolism cranking and burn off some serious body fat and calories.


Nutrition is going to be hard. Please understand that this challenge is not going to put you on a diet. This is all about creating a lifestyle. The challenge may be 77 days but it’s going teach you how to live healthy for the rest of your life.

Learn the 7 habits you must follow, how much water you should drink, how many calories you should eat when you workout and when you don’t, food charts of what you should eat in each food group, accountability charts. It’s all there.


You’re going to learn how to write your goals so that you actually accomplish them.  This is a LIFE Challenge. Your life will be better after you’ve accomplished and beat this challenge. Fitness and Nutrition play the biggest roles in a happy, productive life. Everybody is going to see the change. Your life is just getting started.


Workouts got you  worn down,  beat up, too sore?  Well that’s all going to change because we are going to show you four techniques that will improve your life. Improve your workouts, your overall health, your professional career, and your love life. Sound too good to be true? Absolutely NOT!

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Any more questions? Check out the other FAQ or click the image above if you are ready to join!

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