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Read on to find out why the LBN Online Strength & Fitness Workouts will change your life!


It simply is a way for you to to get in shape in the privacy of your own home. We have streaming workout videos to help you get fit! All you need is an internet connection. Or 3G or 4G connection. Think of it as the new revolution in Home Fitness.

What you will get is a library of streaming fitness workout videos. Styles of workouts include– Interval style, Bootcamp, continuous work, ladder circuit, complexes, timed weight training, flow training, and many more! Of all different levels of intensity and level. Different genres of workouts- Beginner Bootcamp, Advanced Bootcamp, Kettlebell workouts, resistance band training, 5:00 workouts, abs/core, sandbag workouts (coming soon), suspension training workouts (coming soon), mommy and me workouts (coming soon), Baby Boomer workouts (coming soon) and much much more!

It’s like P90X meets Netflix, except no more repeating DVDs. The library will grow and grow to 100’s of workouts and eventually 1000’s you can choose from. You can see on the member’s home page just how many workouts we currently have 🙂 Read on to see even more benefits or check out the site. You can visit everything on the site for free except the actual workout pages. However we do have several preview workouts so you can view what an actual workout looks like. But we do have a low cost trial for you so you can try out the entire site for a whole month before committing.

streaming workout videos by Jason Yun


So who joins the LBN Online Strength & Fitness Workouts?

Say you are training for a triathlon, or you are 20+ pounds overweight, or you haven’t worked out for years….

Yup! We got a workout for you.

Maybe you’re a stay at home mom/dad…

Maybe you’re a on a limited budget…

Maybe you’re just a bootcamp junkie and you can’t get enough of the style of bootcamp. You love working with kettlebells, bands, sandbags, suspension trainers, your own body weight….

Maybe you love interval training or metabolic training…….

Well then this is exactly where you need to be. We’ve got just the type of workout for you!

But let me explain what online streaming fitness workouts are. Because there is a lot of online training and online boot camps out there, but the way I run mine is a little different then others might run theirs.

streaming workout videos by Jason Yun



Thanks for the LOOK BETTER NAKED ONLINE FITNESS BOOTCAMPS!!!! I have always enjoyed your local Bootcamps and was getting noticeably stronger while I could attend. I even lost weight without dieting. I haven’t been able to attend your local Bootcamps due to my extensive traveling.
The Online Bootcamps are the PERFECT ANSWER and I can’t wait to get back on track 🙂
I love that I can take the Online Fitness Bootcamps and you with me anywhere I go…I think all of us Online Campers should start a blog to see where we take you and the Bootcamps…this week you were in St. Simon Island, Georgia.
Again, Thank YOU Jason! It’s great having you and your Bootcamps back in my life.
Planning on looking better naked soon~


– Susan Tracy

streaming workout videos by Jason Yun


Just gotta tell you how much we love the online bootcamp!  It works out so well with our crazy schedules.  Eric’s been doing the advanced ones and I’ve been doing the Ab and Beginner ones.  Our bands should be arriving shortly so we can do the band ones and Eric said I should be able to do the advanced ones too.  It’s so funny, I’ve been going to the gym every day to TAN and NOT do CARDIO!  I used to be the cardio queen and now I am just using my gym membership to tan pre-vacation… that’s how much I like online bootcamp!

– Heather Dyarmett

First off- We do no cardio!cardio sucks, just say no. use interval training to lose weight

No running or any crap like that. 85% of the workouts are based off of interval training. Interval training has been proven to be up 9x more effective then regular cardio exercise when it comes to burning fat and losing weight. Check out the FAQ page to find out more.

Jason Yun FAQ frequently asked questions about boot camp for fitness and weight loss

So if you are a ‘cardio’ junkie this is not the place for you. 

What I’ve done is taken the workouts that have gotten my clients results month after month and put them all online.

We have Advanced Bootcamp workouts, body weight workouts,  resistance band workouts, kettlebell workouts, combo workouts, beginner boot camp workouts, Ab/Core workouts and much more to come!

Just click on one of the links above to go to a free preview workout of each of the above genre’s. We don’t want to hide anything you’ll be getting from us. And the workouts are the most important part!


On the member’s home page you will be instructed on what workout genre is what. No confusion, just results. 

What exactly is to come:

  • YunFit- I yell an exercise you do it, as quickly as possible. 
  • Non-Impact/Baby Boomer workouts- High intensity workouts that are less stressful on the joints and body
  • Abs, butt, shoulders ABS Training- 60:00 workouts that include warm-up and cool downs focusing on 3 major areas of particular interest for women. 
  • Hotel workouts- Stuck traveling and need to get your workout in?
  • 5:00 Workouts- You say you don’t have time for an effective workout… got 5 minutes? (This was added March 2012)
  • Suspension Trainer workouts- TRX, Jungle Gym, UNiversal Strength Apparatus- Make your body the machine!
  • Baby/During/Post Pregnancy Workouts- Workout with your baby. Workouts while your pregnant. Workouts after birth to get you back to that pre-baby shape
  • More to come……………..

You will become a fat burning machine!

If you don’t know where to start no worries. We have created virtual avatars helping you decide where to start based on your current fitness levels and what you want to accomplish.

And your membership just isn’t going to just be about the workouts. We have fitness and nutrition articles, and recipes. Your education library will be at your fingertips 24/7.

Plus, there is a forum where you can ask as many questions about health, fitness, and nutrition as you like. You can support others and they in turn will support you. And of course I will be on there helping you on your way to looking better naked 🙂

And did I mention the nutrition bonuses you get when you register for your $4.95 trial.

WHAT?! BONUSES and A $1.00 TRIAL, too! Keep reading!

Don’t think about joining! DO IT!

start your fitness with LBN ONline strength and Fitness workouts

I’m all about making it complete.

And fitness and nutrition go hand in hand. We’re going to educate you on the what, why, and how. Making you stronger in the mind, body, and kitchen 😀

And the best part is you get to try out the entire site for 30 days for just $1.00. No strings, no gimmicks, no nothing. If you don’t like it you can cancel anytime.

$1.00 for the 1st month, then $19.95 each month after that- just $.67 a day!!

Οtry it out lbn online streaming fitness

Oh yeah– the bonuses 🙂

First off you get the look better naked nutrition blueprint. Second you get my 25 Rules of Fat Loss to Look Better Naked CD! Pretty awesome! The tips in those 2 products alone will have you ahead of 90% of everybody else in terms of knowing what to eat and why.

But wait…. THERE’S MORE!

A third nutrition bonus comes from registered Dietician and world renown fat loss expert Jayson Hunter, creator of the Carb Rotation Diet. We have partnered with Jayson Hunter to bring a special edition of the Carb Rotation Diet along with 3 Done-For You Months of Meal Plans.

Still trying to decide if this is the right place for you? Read on, my friend….

yun's online fitness workout videos work

streaming workout videos by Jason Yun


I’ve always loved working out and even more so being athletic.  Once I got out of college and into the work force my time was sparse and my attitude towards boring workouts zapped any desire I had to go to a gym.  I missed the fast paced, straight forward, fun routines that sports once brought me, and desperately wanted to find something that I enjoyed doing…not just something I did because I felt like I had to.  That’s when I found Jason’s bootcamps.  I attended in person for over a year and then I got pregnant.  I continued through month 7 of my pregnancy (which I think helped with the birth by the way….3 hour labor with a first baby…no drugs). In any event, I had every intention of coming back to bootcamp.  Well, anyone who has ever had a baby knows that attending to a newborn doesn’t leave you with much free time.  Not to mention the lack of sleep. Oh how crave a good night’s sleep.  While I missed working out, the last thing I wanted to do was try to give myself another thing to logistically navigate.  I am glad Jason added the online bootcamp to his business.  I prefer the competition of working out in a group, but having these great workouts to do at home has given me a boost of motivation back and taken away some of my guilt for not being able to force myself to go to an actual workout class.  I would recommend trying out the online bootcamp…even if it’s temporary.  I think you’ll get hooked!

– Erin McLaughlin

streaming workout videos by Jason Yun

I was a member of Jason’s in-class boot camp for 6 months. I LOVED it! It was exactly the kind of workout regimen I needed to whip my butt into shape. Not only did I lose inches and pounds, I gained a lot of self-confidence and drive, which is what I needed to transform myself into someone that WANTS to be fit and active. The workouts were always fun and Jason did a good job keeping everyone motivated to push themselves harder. You can do anything for 30 seconds… Well, when my 6 months was up, I decided to give the online camp a try, since it had just started. I really enjoy the online classes, and honestly find them just as engaging and effective as in-class boot camp. You even get Jason’s encouraging pushes in the background, almost like he’s there giving the class. The online camps really work for me because I have even more flexibility to do them when and where it’s convenient for me, which also means more than 3 days per week, if I want. If you are hesitating about signing up, just go for it! Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

– Frances Rabon

So I Can Tell You This Point Blank…

If you want to discover the secrets on how to transform your body into a 24/7 fat burning machine then look no further than right here!

The Look Better Naked Online Strength & Fitness Workouts are designed to be unique, challenging, effective, and fun. So if you are looking for the mundane, repetitive gym-type workout, then my online workouts and bootcamps are definitely not for you.

But take a second and be honest with yourself, and if you are tired of any of the following then you need to join the LBN online fitness bootcamp TODAY:

  • Your clothes don’t fit anymore (at least not the way you’d like)
  • You’ve got a big belly, hips, thighs, and butt
  • You always tell yourself ‘I’ll work out tomorrow”
  • You can’t fit into your ‘skinny jeans’ anymore
  • You are sick of the yo-yo dieting and fad diets that don’t work
  • You lack energy, feel sluggish, and run out of breath doing ‘easy’ tasks
  • You hate the way you look naked
  • You’re tired of the gym
  • You want more challenging workouts and someone to push you through them
  • You want a mix of workouts rather then repeating the same workouts from your DVD collection

Check out what a couple local campers had to say….


Pay attention cause here’s what makes my LBN Online Fitness Workouts so darn effective– 80% of everything we do is based off of interval circuit training. This is one of the secrets of transforming your body into a fat-burning furnace. Interval training has been scientifically proven to burn up to 9x more body fat than regular, boring aerobic training or ‘cardio’. The other 20% is a mixture of ladders, as many rounds as possible work, continuous kettlebell, body weight training, and Flow work. 

If you’re finally ready to commit to losing all those unwanted pounds and inches and can’t wait to let me take you through some of the best workouts you have ever had in your life: then let me let you in on a little secret…

This is what the Look Better Naked Online Fitness Boot Camps Will Do For You…

As a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Personal Trainer with over seventeen years of experience helping people just like you lose weight, I can promise, and I guarantee, without hesitation you will:

Melt fat off all your “trouble spots.” Buns, thighs, hips, belly, etc….

Feel an incredible improvement in your conditioning, endurance, and overall fitness level, in as little as 2-3 weeks with our streaming workout videos

Fit into clothes again you thought you never would again

Feel the power of super energy throughout the day

Shape and sculpt your body so you turn heads wherever you go

Provide you an unlimited number of proven workouts designed to give you the most effective fat burning exercises known to man at a fraction of the cost of normal bootcamps, personal training and gym memberships

Provides you the opportunity to be a part of one of the most successful Weight Management Nutrition Programs on the Planet (coming soon)

Create an environment of success that makes keeping the weight off simple

And so much more…

…simply put, the LBN Online Fitness ends the emotional roller coaster ride and allows you to take your life in your own hands and walk you through it looking and feeling great!

So are you ready to Look Better Naked?!

If you have more questions you can check out our FAQ page.

If you’d like to contact us you can go here. But please check out the FAQ Page, your question will probably be answered there.

With All Of That You Got To Believe That I Am 100% Committed To Helping You Succeed! I Know My Program Will Help You, And I Know You Will Not Find Another Trainer  That Is Willing To Go The Extra Mile And Get You Looking Better Naked!

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Yes I Am, Jason! I Am Ready To Get Sexy!

Yes I Am, Jason! I Am Ready To Look Better Naked!

Yes I Am, Jason! I Am Ready To Workout In The Comfort Of My Home/Office & On My Schedule!

OK! You’re ready to register for your trial… Let’s Get Started!

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try it out lbn online streaming fitness

Check out what a couple other local campers had to say….

Fitness bootcamp can help you lose weight, tone those hips and burn body fat

Mary loses weight using the look better naked online fitness bootcamp by Jason Yun

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