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So you wanna train with Kettlebells, huh?

Have you ever seen one before? It’s basically a cannonball with a handle on it. A piece of iron that will melt fat off your body so fast you’ll wonder why you hadn’t tried it sooner.

Don’t Believe Me?!


With Effort and Consistency You Will Get The Results You Want!

You Will Get The Body You Are Dreaming About!

I Absolutely, Positively Guarantee It!

Read the rest of this webpage to find out why the type of exercise you’ve been programmed to believe is the only thing that works is 100% wrong and why the Iron Kettlebell is the cure!

This Online Kettlebell Khaos Boot Camp and Workouts will quickly tone your entire body, melt disgusting body fat off your hips, thighs, and belly so you can live life like you were meant to! Who doesn’t want that 🙂

The online kettlebell workouts that are on the site are intermediate to advanced online kettlebell workouts. But like everything on the website, 65%+ of the workouts are based off of interval training. That means it is timed based. So if you cannot do something for the full interval or time limit, simply do what you can and try and improve day by day. In that regard all workouts are truly for all levels of fitness and especially are online kettlebell workouts. But if you are still afraid to try it, we do have two beginner bootcamp programs you can try, and even some pre-beginner workout genres (see tenderfoot and regeneration genres)

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Dear  Friend and Future Kettlebell Superstar,

My name is Jason Yun and I’m going to be completely honest with you. Honest in regards to fitness and nutrition, because I know what works.


You can pretty much say goodbye to big, huge thighs, excess body fat on your stomach, hips, butt and arms and any other area you can think of. The Look Better Naked Online Fitness Bootcamp and I guarantee it!

And these online kettlebell workouts do too!

I know it’s pretty bold, but I’m a bold guy. I’ve been a fitness professional for almost 16 years now, and I know what works and what doesn’t work.


Kettlebells are my favorite piece of equipment to use. When I first started using them, working out became fun, again. And it took the boredom out of working out. I’ve since found other implements to keep me entertained and strong, like bands and sandbags, but kettlebells remain my favorite.


You see I used to be a bodybuilder. Following those ridiculous split body routines 5-6 days a week and ending each session with a half-hour on the treadmill. All in the sake of looking good naked. But the weights and progress eventually halted. Motivation dropped– it was hard to make myself get to the gym. I didn’t know there was other ways to work out, because I was programmed to believe ‘this was it.’


kettlebell juggling workouts for fat loss


But over the last 14 years I’ve developed workouts and nutritional systems that work. From my original Bootcamp program to these online Kettlebell workouts to my Nutrition Bootcamp to the LBN Online Strength & Fitness Workouts. The workouts and nutrition produces results time and time again.


And now I’m giving that knowledge I have gained to you! It’s not a miracle potion or pill. If you put in the work, consistently and intensely, you will see the new transformation right before your eyes. And your friends and family will see it too.



Let me explain why….



‘I have been coming to Jason’s Boot Camp for 8 months. Jason is a great motivator. He pushes you just enough so you can get your last reps out. I love doing the kettlebells at camp. If you have never worked out with a kettlebell you should try it. You can do anything with a kettlebell. We have done squats, swings, turkish get ups, rows and so many others that I can’t even remember. It is a lot more fun than working out with regular weights, and the time flies by. Try it out, you will be hooked.’
Elaine Ketchum

Lunge, curl, press with a bell, KB kaos, khaos

‘I found Yun Fitness Bootcamp when I was looking for a Kettlebell class. And while all of the exercises in camp have been effective, I found the Kettlebells to be a great exercise for three reasons. First, there is no wasted time dealing with changing plates or pins or cams or anything that usually goes with other strength equipment. Second, even though the Kettlebell routines are short (but intense), I could feel the results faster than I have with any other type of strength training I’ve tried. Third, and maybe most important, each Kettlebell exercise engages multiple muscle groups building real world strength as you move it…this was brought home to me this weekend when I was doing some construction work. At no time did I do anything requiring me to do a bench press or a biceps curl, but time after time I was lifting concrete blocks and lumber in ways that were very close the Kettlebell moves we do in class and I could tell that the Kettlebells had built whole body strength.’
Ed Hubbard


What You Have Been Doing In The Past Is The Past…. Has It Worked For You?

◊ Have you ever run on a treadmill, or done ‘cardio’?

◊ Try to get yourself into the ‘fat burning zone’?

◊ Ever followed some mundane weight training program you found in a magazine?

◊ Worked out in a huge health and fitness gym with intimidating gym rats?

◊ Dieted to no end with countless fad diets?

◊ Starved yourself?

If you want to turn yourself into a fat burning machine 24/7 then look no further then right here!

Finally, If you are willing to trust me, Thanks To Kettlebell Khaos Fitness and these online kettlebell workouts you will personally be taken by the hand and guided to the new, leaner, sexier you!


My daughter, Spencer, loves training with these online kettlebell workouts. Swings are her faveorite



No intimidation. Work out with these online kettlebell workouts in the privacy of your own home or where ever you have an internet/cellular connection. Workout on your own schedule– Morning, Day, Night. Fitness has never been easier with Kettlebell Khaos Online.


‘I had never heard of or seen a kettlebell before attending Yun Bootcamps, but I’ve come to really enjoy working out with them. I’m always amazed at the range of exercises you can do with kettlebells. I typically associate “weights” with just working arms, but kettlebell exercises work everything from arms, to abs, to legs — just everything! My favorite is the Kettlebell Swing. An all online kettlebell workouts program sounds fun! I am looking forward to it!’
Biru Chen

training with a kettlebells lunges for leg sexy


With Kettlebell Khaos It’s Extreme Fitness With Extreme Results!

You Take Your Fat Blasting Ability To A Whole New Level!

It’s Extreme Fitness With Extreme Results!

Jason Yun snatches a kettlebell using strength and power


‘I started attending Yun’s Fitness Bootcamps (now Improvement Warrior Fitness) a little over a year ago, and the results couldn’t be better! A large part of my physical development I have attributed to the variety of exercises that Yun uses in his program; one of which is the Kettlebell. I had never used a kettlebell before I started the bootcamps (I don’t think I had even seen one before), but once I started exercising with them, I was hooked! I love the variety of exercises that can be used to create the intense workouts that Yun does in class. I look forward to the workouts that incorporate Kettlebells, and when I heard he was starting a fitness program focused exclusively on the use of Kettlebells I was excited. I think it is a great opportunity to throw something different into your everyday workout. I would recommend that everyone checks it out, I know you won’t be disappointed!!’
Katie Phillips

Kettlebell training can be tough, but Pavel and steve cotter are experts. katie shows you and overhead squat


If You Are  Sick & Tired of Any of the Following:

◊ Being Sick & Tired

◊ Being Out of Shape

◊ Not Having A Flat Stomach

◊ Not Having Sculpted Thighs, Hips, and Butt

◊ Needing to drop that last 10-20 pounds that never seems to go away

◊ Having to drive 10, 20, 30 minutes out of your way to get your workout in

◊ Or You Just Are Completely Fed Up and Bored To Death With Your Current Workout Routine (or lack of one)

Well then you are in the right place!


A Comparison On How Kettlebell Khaos stacks up against your local weight loss centers near you

comparing the kettlebell khaos online fitness to local gyms and other weight loss centers

diets suck, control your nutrition with paleo or a sensible food eating plan

• No more diets! When you register for your LBN trial  you will receive  Your Look Better Naked Nutrition Blueprint Ebook. Follow the Nutritional Guidelines in them and come to online kettlebell workouts and watch your body transform!

• Cardio No More! We promise never to have you run for any length of time! You can run on your own, anywhere, anytime! But I don’t recommend it 🙂

• Burn The Fat! At Kettlebell Khaos we combine all aspects of fitness into one workout. Strength and conditioning into one. Interval training is a big part of what we do and soon you will be doing it too. It has been proven to burn up to 9x more body fat then regular cardiovascular exercise. Less body fat, more strength, more endurance, more energy, more confidence, less stress– You can have it all!

• You Will Look Forward To Working Out! Kettlebells are fun. They are different. You can train all of your different fitness abilities in a small space with just one kettlebell. Strength, Power, Endurance, Aerobic, Anaerobic, Flexibility.

• Online and Offline Support! Like I mentioned earlier we give you the tools to succeed in and out of class. Done-for-you nutrition, nutrition & fitness articles, recipes, email and social media support, Transformation Contests, my personal email and phone number, Nutrition coaching is all available to over-deliver you the fastest results that last a lifetime.

• Motivation! I am totally serious about motivating you to become your best. When you start your journey with us and your first month it might be one of the hardest things you will do. But make it through your trial and show us you have what it takes to be a part of the Khaos then we will motivate you, and get on you if we have to, to make sure you reach your fitness and body goals all the way!

But What’s So Great About Kettlebells? I’ve Never Used Them or Even Heard of Them!

Russian kettlebell swings by Jason Yun and Steve Cotter and Pavel

Like I said before the kettlebell is my favorite fitness tool to use. There has been a lot written on them, especially in the last few years as they have grown in popularity. But there are a few reasons I’d like to share with you that I believe make KB’s the best tool for fat loss & to get in awesome shape!

Ξ Strength and cardiovascular all-in-one! It is the ultimate cross-training tool! People think in order to get strong or get aerobically fit you need to train specifically for that skill. This is wrong! Anaerobic training has been shown to increase aerobic capacity even more then aerobic training. Weird! But True and Awesome!

Ξ Crush Your Imbalances & Weaknesses! If one side of your body is stronger then the other, injury is just around the corner. Because kettlebell training most of the time occurs on just one side at a time, your weakness(es) will be shown rather quickly. But it can also be fixed within a couple of weeks of focused kettlebell training.

Ξ Endless Fun! Kettlebells have a lot of cool different exercises. And most exercises have endless variations you can do. You can combine exercises into seamless combinations, complexes or sequences. Boredom is out the door, along with body fat!

Ξ Ballistics! We’re not talking bullets. Ballistics are exercises done with speed and power. Exercises like the swing, cleans, snatches, high pulls, and jerks. These exercises are very specific to kettlebell training, and are the exercises that will turn even the most sedentary person into an athletic, fat-burning machine.

Are You Tough Enough? Let’s face it society today is weak. Both physically and mentally. You most likely know the benefits of exercise for the physical you, but high repetition kettlebell drills, especially ones done ballistically, will give you an iron will that makes you feel you can take on the world. But you have to try it to know what I’m talking about.


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customer testimonials for Yun Strength and fitness systems online group boot camp‘Yun bootcamps helped me to shed extra weight, gain lean muscle, and as far as I am concerned is the ONLY way to get results. I’ve joined a number of gyms over the years and spent hours using machines but never saw any significant results. This left me frustrated and confused. I heard of Bootcamps before, but like most guys I thought the only way to train was through heavy lifting. Boy was I wrong! Yun bootcamps not only challenged me physically, but in a matter of 45 min I was done. Jason Yun, the owner of Yun Bootcamps, uses a a combination of high intensity training in short spurts that force your body to respond in ways that machines can’t do. Whether it’s using kettlebells, bands, or med balls, Yun Bootcamps have helped me to reach my fitness goals and have inspired me to help others reach their goals. So give it a try. You won’t be disappointed!’
Andrew Walsh

bootcamp member performs the turkish get up for overall strength and power with a kettlebell


customer testimonials for Yun Strength and fitness systems online group boot camp‘Jason Yun is going to have an all Kettlebell Bootcamp! I have seen the kettlebells, known people who have used them but had not used them myself till I came to Yun Fitness. They are easy to handle, come in different sizes (10,15,20,25 lbs etc) and help build muscles. I have seen changes in my arms and other body parts that I haven’t seen years! Jason is very versed on the subject of kettlebells and is excited about this bootcamp. I’m looking forward to this session as I know it will be intense yet doable by all. I’m a 42 yr old mother of two, overweight and out of shape! So if I can get out there and do this, so can you!! Check out the website, sign up and come out for the fun!’
Jeannie Porter

boot camp member performs a kettlebell situp a lot like the turkish get-ups


Jason, I am Ready!

I’m Ready To Look Better Naked!

Jason, I am Ready!

I’m ready to fit back into my skinny jeans!

Jason, I am Ready!

I’m ready to be done with dieting forever!

Jason, I am Ready!

I’m ready for new, exciting, khaotic workouts everyday!

Jason, I am Ready!

I’m ready to be motivated and held accountable for the new me that’s about to shine on the World!

Jason, I am Ready!

I’m ready for the Kettlebell!

workout with streaming fitness

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Committed to your health, fitness and body goals,


Kettlebell Khaos Online Fitness Bootcamp


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