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supplements can be confusing to the average person trying to lose weigh

This page will go over some of the frequently asked questions that I get about supplements. If you have a specific question not listed here please post it on the forum.

What is a supplement?

A supplement is something you take in order to ‘supplement’ your diet with. You may be missing certain vitamins, minerals, amino acids, protein, and taking a supplement will help fill that nutritional void.

Do I need supplement(s)?

Absolutely! There are 3 I recommend for everybody which I get into in the next FAQ, but it is virtually impossible for a person to get all of the nutrients that they need daily just through diet alone. We need to consume 13 vitamins, 70 minerals and trace minerals, 12 amino acids, and 3 essential fatty acids daily. The average diet does not even come close to supply this, especially when most people eat processed crap and very few fruits and vegetables.

average american eats like crap

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What supplements do you recommend?

The 3 supplements I recommend are a multi-vitamin/mineral supplement, a essential fatty acid (EFA) supplement, a vitamin D supplement.

With the vitamin it needs to be whole foods based other wise you are just throwing money away with synthetic brands. The EFA is basically fish oil.

The 2 that I recommend come from Isagenix. The vitamin/mineral supplement is call Daily Essentials and IsaKids for kids. It comes in both men’s, women’s and children’s formula (chewable).

The EFA supplement is called IsaOmega Supreme. It is a pharmaceutical grade fish oil. And with this brand I don’t or haven’t heard any of my clients getting fish burps. However, it is ALWAYS better to get your DHA from actual seafood whenever possible because it is packed in it’s evolutaionary package with iodine, copper, B vitamins and more.

Vitamin D is one of the biggest deficiencies we face. If you live in the United States and were to draw a line from San Francisco to Virginia Beach, VA, everybody that lives north of that line does not get enough sunlight during the winter months and probably the entire year because most people live an indoor life. The majority of people are deficient in it and don’t even know it. It’s best to get tested, but if not just know that the more north you live, or the darker your skin, then the more you are going to need it.

Please make sure you are taking a vitamin D supplement that includes vitamin K2 as well. I use a liquid vitamin for it and take it 2-3 times  a day.

The one I recommend is Thorne’s Liquid D and K2. 

ANd remember it is always better to get it from the sun.

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Nutritional Cleansing:

A Nutritonal Cleanse is a system that works by removing impurities (aka toxins) from your body with nutrition. The majority of people who go on this type of cleanse (especially those who have struggled with weight loss all their life) experience amazing results and weight loss. Below are my before and after pictures. Now weight loss wasn’t my goal, I wanted to get rid of the toxins in my body. And YES! Everybody has them. They are unavoidable unless you live in a bubble. And obviously I achieved a significant weight loss. But after searching for years for a way to finally get a hold of the diet and nutrition roller coaster so many people are on I finally found it. July-August 2013 I took the challenge and implemented something drastic into my life that I have been looking for– not only for myself but for my clients. I’ve read the benefits and everything, but I never tried it because I couldn’t find the right one that has the right combination of quality product, with quality ingredients, proven scientific research, tastes good, and delivers results. But I finally did 🙂

The second 30-day Challenge Results: Down another 1.3% body fat

What toxins do in your body

How you can enter:

Enter the 30-day challenge through LBN and Improvement Warrior Fitness (New website will open up)




 Some supplements are really cheap and It’s not the same product. The ingredients in the supplement is what makes it effective. There are no regulatory organizations that govern over the supplement industry so they can pretty much do what they want, and make outlandish claims.

If something is really cheap there is a reason why. You get what you pay for applies towards supplements as well as many other things. Always read the ingredients. And do your own research. Make sure there is a money back guarantee if the product doesn’t work.

I’ve tried supplements before and it didn’t work? Why not?

Before I answer that please understand that supplements are not a magic pill. If your diet sucks, the supplement will too. Even if the supplement has worked for millions of other people.

You cannot eat crap all day and then take a supplement and expect magical things to happen to your body.

Some people think that if they workout but not change there diet they’ll have their dream body in no time…. NO! That’s not how it works– the same thing with supplements.

They supplement your diet, they don’t replace it.

So if your diet sucks, then fix that first before buying any supplement. And I guarantee you will notice a change in how you feel for the better.

Another reason supplements might not have worked for you is you didn’t give it enough time. For instance glucosamine/MSM supplements that support and help joint and ligament health can take up to 6 months before you start noticing anything.

What about fat burners or weight loss pills?

I’m not a fan. If it is 100% natural, with all natural ingredients then I would say ‘yes’, the one my clients use and get the best results from is Isagenix’s Natural Accelerator. The ingredients are all natural. I use this supplement whenever I am doing a cleanse or just a cleanse day.

Losing fat and weight comes down to a simplified formula- Eat a wholesome, nutritious diet, workout hard, and get plenty of rest and sleep. So if you are not doing this don’t think about getting one of these.




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