FAQ- Kettlebells

FAQ- Kettlebells

This page will go a little deeper in depth to what kettlebells are all about and why they can benefit you. If you don’t see a FAQ you have let me know.

1. What is a kettlebell? FAQ- Kettlebells

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A kettlebell is kind of like a cannonball with a handle on it. It’s all a piece of iron. They come in sizes ranging from 8 lb- 202 lb. Most companies sell them in kilograms (KG), but some companies do have the traditional pounds. The weight is off-center compared to a dumbbell, which makes traditional exercises much harder

2. What can of exercises can I do? FAQ- Kettlebells

You can do all of the standard dumbbell exercises. Presses, rows, raises, squats, etc…. But the biggest reason and importance of the kettlebells comes from the ‘kettlebell’ exercises. The swing is king. Also there is the clean, the jerk, the snatch, the high pull. These exercises are known as ballistic exercises, or exercises that you do with speed as fast as you can. They also involve the whole body so you will be building lean muscle tissue all over and burning massive amounts of body fat off.

Other super fun exercises to do are the Turkish Get-up, windmills, renegade rows, and much more.

You can do low rep strength work, or you can do high rep ballistic work. You can train for power or you can train for endurance. ALL IN THE SAME WORKOUT, ALL IN THE SAME 5 x 5 FOOT AREA.

3. I want to burn fat! Can kettlebells help me do that? FAQ- Kettlebells

Yes, kettlebells will help you burn fat. The workouts I have on here, whether kettlebell or another genre, are all designed to burn the most calories, crank up your metabolism the most, build lean muscle, and burn some serious fat. But keep in mind when it comes to seeing a lean, sexy physique that nutrition plays an even bigger part. If you have nutrition related questions please refer back to the Look Better Naked Nutrition Blueprint ebook you were sent when you signed up.

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4. I’ve heard kettlebells are dangerous and heard of people getting injured from using them. FAQ- Kettlebells

The only time kettlebell exercises or any any exercise is dangerous is when it is done with incorrect form.

kettlebells are safe when done with correct form

Jillian Michaels performing a horrific swing

Or you are performing an exercise that is too advanced for you. On all of the kettlebell workout tutorials we stress the importance of watching the full exercise tutorials for the harder to learn kettlebell exercises (swing, snatch, clean, jerk, turkish get-up, etc…)

Kettlebell exercises should not hurt you or bruise you. If they do you are doing them wrong.

But again the exercise tutorials are just that videos. I can’t see you do it, if you are doing it wrong. If at all possible I recommend finding a certified kettlebell instructor in your area and going through a couple training sessions to learn the basics. If you’re in the Columbus, OH area you can contact me through the blue contact box and I can help you out some. Remember– Form before execution in a workout environment!

Here’s a perfect example of poor form:

5. I don’t want to get bigger, but I do want to get stronger and more tone. Is that possible with kettlebells? FAQ- Kettlebells

Very much so! In fact this is one of the biggest benefits to kettlebells. But first let’s get one thing strait– there is no such thing as toning a muscle. It either gets bigger or smaller depending on the stimulus put on it. If you want your muscles to show more, you need to reduce your body fat % around those muscles.

Training with a kettlebell will help burn body fat off your entire body and help to develop strength, strength endurance, power, and power endurance. A majority of the kettlebell workouts on the site will be for strength endurance and power endurance. But changing the workout to focus on other aspects is as simple as switching to a heavier or lighter Bell.

streaming kettlebell fitness workout by Jason Yun

6. I’m a woman. Shouldn’t I just stick with machines and flouresent dumbbells? FAQ- Kettlebells

woman performs windmill with sexy glutes

NO! Smart women use kettlebells! You need to challenge yourself to change your body. Kettlebells do that in a way that is fun. All without putting getting you big and bulky. Your muscles will be sleek and sexy. And strong! And another benefit is most of the kettlebell classic lifts (swings, snatches, windmills) will turn your legs, hips, and butt into a thing of beauty 😀

Plus you’re working all of your stabilizer muscles (which machines are not), which will build total body strength, and you’ll have better posture and your body will thank you. Plus you’ll look better naked- LBN 🙂

fit girls look better naked with kettlebell workouts

7. I see you never where shoes when performing the Kettlebell Khaos workouts. Why not? FAQ- Kettlebells

Shoes are bad for our feet. We where them all day long. They’re padded and made for comfort. The foot is a muscle. Lots of little muscles you’ve probably never heard of and most people can’t pronounce.

You see a lot of company’s coming out with shoes that mimick being barefoot, like Nike and Under Armour. And the Virbram shoe. My old personal favorite’s were the Minimus from New Balance. I’ve worn 2 holes in my walking ones. Now I use ballops (search for them on Amazon), they are like a sock out in public.


Here’s an article about going barefoot and using kettlebells by Jamie Lloyd. I also recommend it for all other type of training.

Typically I nowadays attempt to get at least part of my workout outside and I will still be barefoot. Barefoot in the grass, or sand, or even concrete is known as grounding and will give you tremendous benefits. (You can check out my webinar on it here)

Although here’s a video of me where wearing shoes was a good idea.

online home gym workouts

Any more questions? Check out the other FAQ or click the image above if you are ready to join!


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