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FAQ questions about fitness boot camp online

On this page is a list of our most common FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions). If you do not see the answer you are looking please Contact me (614-304-1426 |JasonYun@ImprovementWarriorFitness.com | Sun.Yun.Jason on facebook) We are always here to help provide the best experience possible for you.

These questions will answer the most basic about System Requirements, What to Expect, Types of Workouts, Equipment, Cost, Whether this is for you, etc…..

For more detailed FAQs on certain subjects click below:


Resistance Bands


LBN Online Strength & Fitness Workout’s mission:

Our mantra is to help you get healthy and look better naked!

We provide busy men and women an opportunity to achieve twice the results in less time and at a fraction of the costs of one-on-one personal training, bootcamps, crossfit, HIIT, group fitness classes and gym memberships or your money back. And all in the privacy of your own home and on your own schedule.

What’s the cost of this thing?

That’s one of the first questions we get, so we’re not going to hide it from you. Below is a breakdown of our prices. It’s pretty simple.

As you can see the most you would pay for a membership is just $11.95 a month. We never want price to be an issue when you are trying to get in shape and live the life you want to live. Plus, there is no long term commitments. You can cancel whenever you want. All new members also receive their first 7-days for free. If at anytime you during those 7-days you don’t like it, feel free to cancel.

We have added the ability to add Wodify to your LBN membership. Wodify allows you track your total workouts, performance history, and if you set a new PR (personal record) for that exercise. I have used Wodify personally and for my physical gym clients since mid-2017. Prices to add wodify are below. 
You can always add it on at anytime.   
You can read more about Wodify here. 

The prices below are good for your entire household. If you are a business or corporation or group please contact us for special pricing for your group.

There is a comparison chart down below as well comparing LBN Online Strength & Fitness Workouts to other types of popular workout genres.

online home gym workouts


lbn compare chart

What is Wodify?

track your workouts and PRs with wodify lbn online fitness

We have added the ability to add Wodify to your LBN membership. Wodify allows you track your total workouts, performance history, and if you set a new PR (personal record) for that exercise. I have used Wodify personally and for my physical gym clients since mid-2017. Prices to add wodify are below. 
You can always add it on at anytime.   
You can read more about Wodify here. 

What if I haven’t been exercising lately?

That’s okay. The workouts are designed for people that are very un-fit, and even obese or overweight all the way up to extremely fit. Even if you are an athlete these workouts will challenge you. By the end of the Phase you will see major improvements in your fitness levels. Step by Step, Inch by Inch. Plus you get a 7-day complimentary trial to try it out. You will see results in those first 7- days alone. Trust me.

Our beginner workout genres include the Regeneration workouts, the Tenderfoot Workouts, and the Low Impact/Muscle Building workouts. More on the way as well. Start with those and work up to the more challenging workout genres once you feel you have cemented a strong foundation of strength and conditioning.

What’s the difference between the beginner bootcamp, and the advanced one?

You are correct we do have different ‘genres’ so to speak. The bootcamps and workout genres are for the various fitness levels that we have as members.

Our beginner workout genres include the Regeneration workouts, the Tenderfoot Workouts, and the Low Impact/Muscle Building workouts. Start with those and work up to the more challenging workout genres once you feel you have cemented a strong foundation of strength and conditioning.

Once you have gone through those then we recommend moving on to the beginner bootcamp workouts. Start with the No Jump series which is a lower impact one, then move on to the JUMP series. Then the advanced step up the intensity quite a bit.

Who falls into a beginner category?

People that haven’t been working out regularly for 3-months or more. People who have 20 pounds or more to lose. Older people with limited movement. Women who just had a baby (you might want to check out my Mommy Strength program instead of LBN.)  People with an injury. The list can go on, but those are the main ones.

The beginner bootcamp program has 2 programs. One is a NO JUMP program, and the other is a JUMP program. The no jump has no jumping in it whatsoever. So if you have an injury or your workouts need to be lower impact this is where you will want to start. Both of them are 8 week long programs (3 workouts per week for 12 workouts then repeat workouts 1-12.)

The other ‘regular’ (advanced) bootcamp program goes for 14-20 workouts, which is known as a Phase. Phases will be separated for you to keep track of which ones you’ve done so far. The workouts get more challenging as you go up to the higher workouts in a Phase. You’re welcome to repeat each Phase of bootcamp or individual workouts as many times as you like. We recommend you track your reps and/or rounds. If you ever repeat a workout you want to know how much you’ve improved.

Also check out the Wodify App section in here. Wodify is the app I use to track my performance as well as for my physical clients (when I had my studio in Ohio). 

The Advanced bootcamp ramps up in intensity throughout. There are 14-20 workouts in each Phase. For both the beginner and advanced bootcamps there will be some equipment that is needed. Click here for needed equipment.

But keep in mind all workouts (65%+ of them) are based on interval training. Or timed training. So if you cannot perform the exercise for the full time, then you simply do what you can and try and improve day by day. In that regard, a beginner would be able to do the regular bootcamp or the other boot camps or workout genres we have on the site. Alternates are always given for every exercise that is more difficult. If you’re already more advanced, push harder and faster and complete more in less time, but there are usually progressions given as well.

What is the Body Weight Boot Camp?

The Body Weight Boot Camp are workouts that require no equipment at all.

advanced streaming no equipment workouts from LBN online

We recommend doing these workouts whenever you please. But we don’t recommend these as your go to workouts week in and week out. The reason being is that all body weight workouts won’t enable you to train the back muscles (especially the mid- and upper back) very well. Hamstrings too, but we can hit those muscles better then the back with just our body weight. To train the back it does require resistance. And training just your pushing muscles (chest, shoulders, triceps), while neglecting your pulling (backs and biceps) will result in muscle imbalances and eventually injury– and we don’t want that to happen to you.

What is the Kettlebell Khaos?

streaming fitness kettlebell home workouts by Jason Yun

First off, it is a KETTLEBELL. Not a kettleball, or a cowbell, or any other number of deranged names people call it. Kettlebells are my favorite tool, but they do require some training before using.

lance armstrong swings a kettlebell for lean strong muscles

Super athlete Lance Armstrong uses kettlebells to swing his way to lean, strong, athletic physique

The Kettlebell Khaos workouts require a kettlebell and your body weight. You can get kettlebells on the equipment page if you don’t have any.

With kettlebell training, it is vital that you learn the technique first. This type of training is different then what you might expect. There is an entire webpage dedicated to the benefits and what makes kettlebell training so amazing.

There are several different Kettlebell Khaos sub-genres: Like Khaos Extended, Khaos Flow, and Khaos Continuous.

Click here to find out what makes kettlebells so amazing!

Below is a video I made introducing people to the class I did in my hometown. Some things I say don’t apply to you and this site, but it gives you a good idea of what the ‘Bell and the Khaos are all about 🙂


What about equipment?

Good question. You will need some equipment based on the type of online workout genre you choose to do.

The equipment page is here.

We’ve scouted the best bang for your buck places for the types of equipment you will need. (if you know of better prices please let us know)

How are the workouts designed?

I wrote all of the workouts. I’ve done them all and these are also the workouts I’ve written for my physical clients. The workouts work. They’re fun and effective. Every interval workout is different. This keeps the body guessing and always adapting, so you never plateau with your progress. There are certain exercises that I focus more on, especially the basics like squats, pushups, bridges, swings, etc….. The basics always work 🙂

The strength/weight lifting workouts some will be repeated. Some will have slight changes. You will see a lot of the basics in this genre and variations of those basics. 

Most of the workouts are full body workouts. Which allow you to burn the most calories, the most fat, build the most lean muscle tissue, and increase your metabolism the fastest. 

Some workouts will focus more on certain aspects of the body, like lower or upper body. But the majority is total body workouts.

The average time of the workout for the beginner and advanced bootcamps is about 20-35 minutes. This doesn’t include the warm-up.

The kettlebell khaos, all band workouts, body weight, and other genre’s varies from 5:00-45:00. This doesn’t include the warm-up.

All of the workouts will be searchable based on time, if you are in a rush and need a quick workout. Or if you need a longer one.

What if I don’t know how do to the exercise?

That’s okay! We provide a video tutorial for all of the workouts. Alternates are provided if you can’t do the original version of it. Also for the more difficult exercises a full tutorial is given going over the finer points of the exercise. Here’s an example of a workout tutorial:

So what kind of exercises will I be doing?

That depends on which type of online strength &  fitness workout you decide to do.  Click below for the one you’re interested in seeing. And like I said each workout is different so the exercises in the example are just some of the 1000’s of exercises you could be doing.

Click here to see each Online Strength & Fitness Workout Genre

What can I expect from the Online Workout Videos?

You can expect results. Weight loss, fat loss, strength gain, endurance, confidence and self-esteem gain. Firmer thighs and butt, flatter stomach, increased muscle tone and strength, and plus you’ll look much better in a bathing suit- AND NAKED! As long as you are consistent and put in the effort to get better at the exercises and activities presented each day. The results will be even greater by following some of the nutritional tips given. The workouts are made to be fun and challenging. If you just follow the program you will not fail, I guarantee it! The video below will give you a virtual tour once you become a member:

Here’s a couple other happy customers:

yun's online fitness workout videos work






How does nutrition factor into the program?

Our goal is not to overwhelm, but rather to ease you into adopting healthier dietary habits for long-term success. All trial members will receive a complimentary nutrition quick-start plan that will provide basic introductory nutrition guidelines to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

You will also be able to download my 25 Rules of Fat Loss CD on .mp3.


What about Supplements?

Supplements get a page all to themselves. Too much information to give to put on here. Click here for the Supplements FAQ.

Why online?

I teach bootcamps and strength and fitness workouts at a physical location, if you can make it to Ohio that’s fine and you’re welcome to join us. The online version of my bootcamps & workouts takes away any excuse of time or ‘it’s too far away’. And it also takes away the price objection as well. Anybody in the world with an internet connection or a cellular can do the workouts 24/7, whenever they want.

And now you can even do it on your Smart Phone, Tablet, or TV.

‘But I’m Still Scared, I’m Really Out Of Shape’

starting a workout program is hard, never give up

Like I said before we are based off of intervals. A lot of weight loss programs and some bootcamps are still counting reps. With myself doing all the workouts I consider myself to be in excellent shape, so if we were to have a rep race of a certain exercise I might be able to do 50 while you can only do 10. That’s bad. And if the goal is 50, you’re most likely not even going to get there, or it’s going to take a long time. You’ll get discouraged and that’s not what I want.

We want you to succeed, which is why we do 55% of our workouts based off of intervals. Exercise for :20 rest :10, or exercise for :30 rest for :30. One day you can do 2 reps, then next you can do 5, the next 10. Step by step. Baby steps. You didn’t get where you are overnight, so it’s going to take some work to get in shape. Let me guide you.

And remember all exercises have progressions. If you can’t do a certain exercise we give you an alternate or two or three that you can do. No one is left behind in my program. You will LOOK BETTER NAKED!

‘Why Should I Trust You? What Makes You Different From The Trainer At _____ Gym?’

jason yun LBN online fitness workouts and videos

fat loss training with streaming fitness videos

I’ve worked as a personal trainer at gyms in the past and hated it. I believe I am an awesome trainer, and the results I’ve gotten my clients speaks for themselves (testimonials). But in order to be a good trainer at a gym you have to be a good salesmen. Which I was not.

But I found bootcamps in 2008 and although it was hard at first to get clients in, it was a lot easier then walking around a gym ‘selling’ everybody a pre-recorded script. The bootcamps grew overtime because I got people results.

I love training people and I remember one day about 6 months in a guy who was moving out of the country and it was his last class with me told me ‘I just want to say ‘thank you’, Jason. You really changed my life and I will never forget it.’ It was then that I realized I made the right decision and that I will continue to improve my bootcamps and workouts, both physical and online, so that I can help even more people.

If you’d like to read my full bio you can go here.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, there is.

Your satisfaction will be met through our no-risk, 100%, no questions asked money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied and thrilled with the LBN Online Strength & Fitness Workouts, we will refund 100% of your purchase price.
Don’t decide now if this online fitness camp is for you. Sign up and give it a try. If it doesn’t meet your expectations, save you money (think about all the other programs and information you’ve purchased in the past), time, frustration, don’t worry. You get everything you paid– back. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You must ask for your refund within 60 days of your membership starting. But you have to at least do it! You can’t just sign up and not do anything. Action is what gets results!

What requirements are there to watch the workout videos?

The workout videos are between 6-45:00 with some exceptions going over and under. Dial-up internet or something similar will not work with this site. It could but you would be waiting around hours for the video to load.

We recommend high speed internet, either ethernet or wireless.

Internet Explorer has also been known to have some issues that we can’t seem to fix. Sometimes show sometimes not. We recommend Firefox, Safari, Chrome or anything other the IE.

What happens when you push play is the video will start streaming. Once it streams enough video it will start playing. Then while it is playing it will download the rest of the workout.

Most high speed connections should take less then 30 seconds for the video to start playing, usually it is only a matter of seconds. If it takes more then that you’re internet probably isn’t fast enough. You could wait for it to download completely, but we recommend upgrading to a faster solution. Some solutions would be to call your internet service provider and ask them to increase speed, or update your router.

You can also now do the workouts from your Iphone, Ipad, Ipod Touch, and other smart phones and tablets with either the 3G or 4G connection. To do it on your tv you would either need an connector cord or a television with internet surfing capabilities.

Do your lbn workouts anywhere, anytime

One of our online clients got creative and put me up on the projector in a high school gym

To test your speed please go back up to the tutorial video under the FAQ ‘What if I don’t know how to do an exercise’ and see how fast that loads for you. Under :30 and you are good. 


Still Have questions? Click the Contact link on the left side of this page. Someone will get back to you ASAP!

advanced streaming no equipment workouts from LBN online
online home gym workouts

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