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34-Day Light Challenge by Jason Yun

34-Day Light Challenge by Jason Yun Yun Strength & Fitness Systems presents: The 34-day Light Challenge November 24, 2020 –Jason Yun announces his expansion into the world of Light with the addition of a new health and transformation challenge. The 1st 34-Day Light Challenge begins in early December 2020 and will be held periodically throughout […]


Prograde Pr7 Product Review by Online Strength & Fitness Workouts CEO Jason Yun

 Prograde Nutrition recently released their much anticipated workout enhancer that they simply call PR7. Two doctors have been working on the supplement PR7 at the Prograde Nutrition labs. They are Dr. Hector Lopez and Dr. Tim Ziegenfuss. Dr. Lopez has consulted with 100s of different athletes from the NFL, NBA, and MLB. Dr. Ziegenfuss much […]

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New Youth Fitness and Sports Performance Franchise Coming To Hilliard

  Columbus, Ohio – New youth fitness and athletic development franchise Athletic Revolution recently announced Jason Yun of Columbus as their first franchisee. Yun said “Childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions with factors such as fast food, computers, TV, video games, etc. all contributing to the problem. Over 50% of our children are overweight and […]


Look Better Naked Online Fitness Boot Camp adds new workouts

The Look Better Naked Online Fitness Boot Camp allows anyone to enjoy the benefits of working out at home combined with the proven, fat-burning methods of Yun Fitness Boot Camps. By following the online program, campers not only enjoy privacy, they enjoy the convenience of working out whenever and wherever they choose. “The beauty of […]


Home Workouts Can Help You Burn Fat and Tone That Belly Up

You might find yourself saying things such as: “I just don’t have the time.” “After a long day at work, I’m too tired to get back in my car and drive to a workout session.” “Gas is too expensive to make an extra trip to the gym each day.” “I hate working out in front […]


Yun Fitness Boot Camps announces new location

The camps will be moving from the Shao-Lin Do Center to 4601 Leap Court in Hilliard. The new location is also the headquarters for the Athletic Revolution Youth Fitness Program, opening later this year. The location change will be effective starting March 14. Yun Fitness Boot Camps are fun and effective. Participants begin seeing results […]


Yun Fitness Boot Camps celebrates one year at Harmony Artistic Center

The Harmony Artistic Center, located at 3979 Parkway Lane, is a community-oriented facility dedicated to programs and gatherings that contribute to fitness and physical well-being, performance and visual arts, and the growth of local businesses. The Center also hosts public and private events and is home to the Bread & Circus Theatre Company. Yun Fitness […]


Yun Fitness Boot Camps announces transformation contest

This free contest encourages Columbus residents to get up, get moving, get in shape, and keep those New Year’s resolutions! Participants join the contest in teams ranging from three to five members. At the end of the time period, a winning team is announced along with individual male and female winners. Winners receive a variety […]