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Update your workout wardrobe for your online workout experience (in under 5 minutes!)

Every girl knows how expensive it can be to buy fashionable workout clothes. This is why what I’m about to share with you today is so amazingly awesome.  I’m going to show you how to create your own stylish workout shirts in under 5 minutes from old t-shirts you already have and don’t use in […]


28 Day Nutrition Challenge #1

 The 28day nutrition challenge started on 4/23 2012 and ended on May 20, 2012 Below are the results from the top 4 finishers. We had just under 25 people enter the contest. Some dropped out before it even started. Some finished but didn’t submit their final results. No matter. Congrats on everyone who competed. It […]


Thank You Mom

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there! Mother’s day is today and because of that I wanted to post an extra special blog today. It’s not about fitness, or healthy eating. I’m not posting my workout (although I did do Body Weight #7), and I’m not giving any tips and secrets to […]


We Need Your Help!!

Hey Bootcamp Fans and blog readers, We need your help!! We are trying to reach 500 fans on Facebook by the end of May. If we achieve this we are going to pick a fan (at random) and give a $50 gift card to the store of your choice!!! Make sure to like us on […]

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Workout Wednesday-Tabatas Galore!

I’m starting a new segment to the blog: Workout Wednesday (has a nice ring doesn’t it?!). Every Wednesday I’m going to post a featured workout, something that will get you pumped and over the hurdle towards the weekend. These workouts will be mostly taken from actual LBN workouts, but occasionally I’ll pull from different genres […]

Get the Workout!

Easter Workout

  Happy Easter!! After a Easter Church Service we headed to my hometown to spend the day with family. While I always cherish every minute I get to spend with my parents, siblings, nieces, and nephews, family gatherings usually mean copious amounts of food–and not usually of the healthy variety. Needless to say I was […]


Look Better Naked Online Fitness Boot Camp adds new workouts

The Look Better Naked Online Fitness Boot Camp allows anyone to enjoy the benefits of working out at home combined with the proven, fat-burning methods of Yun Fitness Boot Camps. By following the online program, campers not only enjoy privacy, they enjoy the convenience of working out whenever and wherever they choose. “The beauty of […]


Home Workouts Can Help You Burn Fat and Tone That Belly Up

You might find yourself saying things such as: “I just don’t have the time.” “After a long day at work, I’m too tired to get back in my car and drive to a workout session.” “Gas is too expensive to make an extra trip to the gym each day.” “I hate working out in front […]