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34-Day Light Challenge by Jason Yun

34-Day Light Challenge by Jason Yun Yun Strength & Fitness Systems presents: The 34-day Light Challenge November 24, 2020 –Jason Yun announces his expansion into the world of Light with the addition of a new health and transformation challenge. The 1st 34-Day Light Challenge begins in early December 2020 and will be held periodically throughout […]


Just Cleanse Challenge

What a True Cleanse is supposed to do for you: A Nutritional Cleanse is a system that works by removing impurities (aka toxins) from your body with nutrition. The majority of people who go on this type of cleanse (especially those who have struggled with weight loss all their life) experience amazing results. Now weight loss […]


Sausage and Cheese Breakfast Pies – KETOGENIC RECIPE

Sausage and Cheese Breakfast Pies- KETOGENIC RECIPE     Hey! What’s up? It’s Jason Yun. LBN Online, Improvement Warrior Fitness. Back in the kitchen we got another awesome, healthy Keto, friendly meal for you today. This is coming from Ruled.Me. We’re changing it a little bit but it would still taste awesome. We’re making […]


28 Day Nutrition Challenge #1

 The 28day nutrition challenge started on 4/23 2012 and ended on May 20, 2012 Below are the results from the top 4 finishers. We had just under 25 people enter the contest. Some dropped out before it even started. Some finished but didn’t submit their final results. No matter. Congrats on everyone who competed. It […]


We Need Your Help!!

Hey Bootcamp Fans and blog readers, We need your help!! We are trying to reach 500 fans on Facebook by the end of May. If we achieve this we are going to pick a fan (at random) and give a $50 gift card to the store of your choice!!! Make sure to like us on […]

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I Challenge you to Join me in Making a Change

Change-   ….The Way You Eat   ….The Way You Feel   ….The Way You Look   ….The Way You Think About Food     I have exciting news. YunFit, Jason’s fitness facility in Columbus, OH, is having a Nutrition Challenge starting next week, and it’s open to EVERYONE. That means that people from all […]

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Prograde Pr7 Product Review by Online Strength & Fitness Workouts CEO Jason Yun

 Prograde Nutrition recently released their much anticipated workout enhancer that they simply call PR7. Two doctors have been working on the supplement PR7 at the Prograde Nutrition labs. They are Dr. Hector Lopez and Dr. Tim Ziegenfuss. Dr. Lopez has consulted with 100s of different athletes from the NFL, NBA, and MLB. Dr. Ziegenfuss much […]

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Fat Loss GPS- 2012 Game Plan for Body Change

Down below is your free GPS fat loss game plan. Get set and ready for 2012. Enjoy it. Use it. It will help you. Right click the picture or the link down below. Fat_Loss_GPS