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How to Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Jason Yun makes some delicious dark chocolate covered strawberries Hey! What’s up? Jason Yun, and I’m back in the kitchen and we got a Paleo dessert for you today. We’re making Chocolate Covered Strawberries. What you need are:   Strawberries as many as you need Dark Chocolate, 85% dark 73% Cacao Coconut   […]


▶ Burpee Variation- Super Burpees

▶ Burpee Variation- Super Burpees – YouTube. Hey, what’s up? Jason Yun again.  Today I want to show you a variation of the burpee. I call it the super burpee. Just something I added to the regular burpee. Regular burpee if you don’t know this is probably the best body weight conditioning exercise out there. […]