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Fat Loss Expert Makes SHOCKING Claim That Cardio is One of the Best Ways to GAIN Weight and Put on Body Fat!

Personal Quest To Find The Truth About Exercise By Jason Yun Certified Fat Loss Specialist – Creator of LBN Online Strength & Fitness Workouts 

Dear Friend,

Imagine never having to struggle or get bored to death going through another ‘CARDIO‘ workout again! Cardio blaster lbn is the stuff that works

eat the foods you want without being a slaveAnd also being able to enjoy food and never have to worry about losing your sexiness that you’ve worked so hard to get.

It might sound a like a pipe dream, but it is true. And I’ve done the research (online workouts, nutrition, sleep, etc…) that can make that little pipe dream a reality.

You see, I’ve been working out and tinkering here and there with my nutrition since I was 13 years old. And I’ve been working with clients as a Personal Trainer and Strength Coach since 2007. And I’ve discovered the secret to the most effective workouts on the planet for fat loss and for sculpting a lean, sexy body that everybody wants and desires.

However, you are not going to get that while doing Cardio workouts. Trust me, trust my clients, trust ALL the scientific research studies proving the fact!


That’s right! All those hours spent mindlessly on the treadmill, bike, elliptical machine— it just doesn’t work. It’s a waste of time and your energy. And you know what? They are still preaching today—- 30-60 Minutes of cardio per day to lose weight and get your dream body!

Stop the Madness!

What happens when you do Cardio?

Your body wants to burn fat when it is idle– while you read this, while you are at work/school, while you are asleep, while you are watching tv, reading a book, etc…… You are essentially a fat burning machine as long as your mitochondria are working properly.

However, when you add cardio to your your daily routine you are burning more fat! Yes it’s true, you are burning more fat while doing the cardio exercise.


You are training your body to store body fat this way. The body is incredibly smart. Get a cut it heals itself. Do cardio it makes you fatter.

So instead of burning fat, the body now holds on to more fat, because it knows that your Cardio session is on it’s way. It say’s ‘Cardio is coming, I’ll hold on to whatever food you give me, so I can burn more fat during Cardio!’

That’s not what I want! That’s not what YOU want!

Plus study after study have shown cardio can age you faster and decrease your lean muscle tissue (which leads to a lower metabolism, which will lead to more fat gain 🙁

Now comes the real way to train and START burning Body Fat!

Interval & Strength Training! Online Workouts!

Just like we do here on LBN Online Strength & Fitness Workouts!

The online workouts average under 30:00 with the Warm-Up!6-pack sexy women abs

How is that possible?!

Simple– Short quick bursts of activity followed by short, quick bouts of rest. And repeat.

Also known as Interval Training.

It’s not crazy talk!

It’s proven. Myself, my clients, and others around the world have gotten the best results from Interval Training.

It works for anyone and at any age.

And the thing about the online workouts of LBN Online Strength & Fitness Workouts and our online workouts is I know people come in at different levels of fitness, which is why we have 15 different workout genres from pre-beginner to advanced challenge workouts to choose from. Most are based off the Interval Workout formula that simply gets results. Well, except for our Yoga and Strength Training Genres 🙂




. .


So if you are ready to ditch the long, boring, tedious cardio workouts for something that saves you time, money, and stress then keep on reading!

kim Hilliard weight loss program bootcamps kurt before:after

I’m going to tell you exactly what you need to do and how you can get started ASAP with an Online Interval & Strength training Workout System that is proven to get results for those that want it and take ACTION!

My name is Jason Yun  6-pack fat loss results online workouts I’m certified as a personal trainer, strength coach, youth fitness specialist, speed and agility coach, sports nutritionist, kettlebell instructor, olympic weightlifting coach, resistance band trainer, and functional movement specialist. I’m probably forgetting some, but the fact is in my years as a personal trainer only 3 people have asked me what my certifications were or meant. It’s what I can do for you that matters! And it’s what I’ve done for my clients– Physical and Online– that matters! And I want you to be one of those who transforms! I’m not like other fitness trainers in the world. I blaze my own path. I expect greatness from myself and also from my clients. And unlike other trainers, I deliver results! Because I’ve found the dirty little secret about fat loss years ago, and LBN Online is opening up the flood gates to YOU!

The Search For Fat Loss Truth

I did it! I read all those magazines telling you to do your cardio on an empty stomach, do it after your workout. Long and steady and slow and boring! Boring cardio sucks Hated doing it and haven’t done it for nearly two decades now. Then one day I discovered interval training. Then another day I discovered interval and strength training combined! WHOA!

Wake up call!

Muscles Worked √ Heart Worked √ Time Flew By √ Actually Fun √ Felt Like I Accomplished Something √ Instead of working out for 5-7 hours a week I could now get my workouts done in less then 30 minutes. 5 workouts a week means I’m saving 2.5-4.5 hours a week. 10-18 a month! Now I was able to focus my time and energy on something else! What could you focus on more with that much time saved? Family, friends, significant other, career, business, education, helping others???? I knew my mission was to bring this type of training to the masses! And that includes YOU! I’m not going to bore you with research study after research study proven that cardio doesn’t work– that’s why we have Google now, right: Knowledge is power:

The Secret Behind LBN Online Strength and Fitness Workouts and Our Online Workouts

How and Why It Burns Body Fat and Gets You Looking Better Naked!

When you perform interval training or one of our online workouts on LBN, you actually set the tone for the rest of the day, or literally for the next DAY IN A HALF! What I’m talking about is during the actual interval training workout you ARE NOT burning FAT. It is after the fact, once you stop working out that you START and KEEP burning the body fat. And during cardio workouts, it’s during the workout that you are burning fat, but once you stop doing cardio, you STOP burning the FAT. Which would you prefer? Burning fat 23.5 hours a day, or just burning it while you do cardio (for 30-60 minutes)? How this is possible is through EPOC! EPOC is your Fat Burning Machine Secret Unleashed!

EPOC (Excess Post Oxygen Consumption) is also known as the Afterburn effect. In short, you continue burning body fat once you stop working out. In some studies it’s been shown to last up to 38 hours. Pretty awesome for such a little time investment.

So if you do an LBN Workout Monday morning you’ll be burning extra body fat the rest of Monday and all the way up to Dinner time on Tuesday. So really you would only need 3 workouts a week to be burning body fat all week long!
Jason Yun LBN online workouts for home fitness


That’s how and why my clients and myself get such awesome results!



lose fat and inches with lbn online fitness workouts

total body fitness for men and women online workouts

online weight loss workouts

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And results start immediately! But not if you just sit on the fence wondering what could be. You need to get on board today with these powerful online workouts!

Everything starts to change with LBN Online Workouts

♦ Body Fat Drops
♦ Energy Goes Up
♦ You Feel Younger
♦ You Look Younger
♦ You Look Better Naked
♦ You Fit Back In Your Skinny Jeans
♦ You Feel More Confident
♦ You Have More Time (No More Cardio)

It’s all here inside of LBN Online Strength & Fitness Workouts

If you are ready to ditch the treadmill and the boring workouts and finally get the results YOU and your body deserve………

If you are ready to transform your body in under 120 minutes a week……

And if you are ready to LOOK BETTER NAKED!!!

Then now is the time, because you have found the right place and the right trainer……..

You don’t need a gym, you don’t need to hire another personal trainer, you don’t even need to leave your home (although you can with our travel workouts 🙂

You will have 24/7 access to our site. It’s never down, it doesn’t close for the holidays or close and open at certain times of the day. It’s on YOUR schedule.

Here is exactly what you will get:

fat burning interval training workouts online

online bootcamp exercises for core

15 Workout Genres to choose from

People have different tastes. Different tastes in music, movies, food, beer, etc…… And that’s why we have different genres of workouts for you. 
Some are created just for beginners, some for intermediate fitness, and some for advanced. 
A current list of our genres (more to come too)
  • Workout genres available:
    • Regeneration Workouts: For everybody. Use these to recover from other workouts, increase your range of motion/mobility/flexibility.
    • Tenderfoot workouts: For people who haven’t been working out for over  6 months. Low impact, strength builder to get you ready for the next genre.
    • Low Impact/Muscle Building workouts: Build more strength and sculpt those muscles to create your dream body
    • Beginner Bootcamp
      • No Jump: Low impact version of our starting series of ‘bootcamp’/interval training
      • Jump: Higher impact exercises
    • Advanced Bootcamp: We crank up the intensity from the beginner bootcamp for more strength and conditioning!
    • Kettlebell Khaos
      • Kettlebell Khaos (normal): Iron kettlebell workouts designed for creating an iron body and mind.
      • Flow: Kettlebell flow workouts move you smoothly from one exercise to the next without stopping
      • Extended: KK Workouts that last up to an hour
      • Continuous: KK Workouts featuring some kettlebell tests featured in Kettlebell Sport and some made up by Jason Yun (i.e 5:00 Snatch test,  3:00 double clean test, etc…)
    • Body Weight Workouts: No equipment needed for these.
    • All Band Workouts
      • All Band (normal): Workouts focusing on using resistance band training (RBT)
      • Ultimate Sexy 33 RBT Workouts: A special band series
    • 5:00 Workouts: Online Workouts you can get done in just 5:00. Your warm-up will be longer. These are super tough.
    • Challenge Workouts: Workouts that challenge you physically and mentally (metcons, AMRAPs, EMOMs, etc…)
    • Travel/Hotel Workouts- Online Workouts in hotel rooms, hotel workout rooms, beaches, special locations. Take me wherever you go!
    • Improvement Warrior Yoga: My version of Yoga I learned from a Navy Seal. It combines all the great aspects of Yoga and all different traditions.
    • YunFit: A lethal format where I basically keep yelling out exercises for you to do.
    • Abs/Core: Online Workouts specifically for the abs and core and midsection.
    • Countdown Cycles: interval training with a twist. Start off super easy and end super hard
    • Strength Training: Coming soon. Workouts featuring no nonsense training designed to get you stronger so you are able to go longer and harder with our other genres.


fitness online challenge from Jason Yun LBN Online

nutriton ebook from jason yun

Nutrition Ebook is now in it’s 4th edition (2020)

So how much does this life-changing, online workouts, look better naked program cost?

Well, it depends. Our prices are listed below. Click on it and be taken to our sign-up page. You’ll be given a week trial as well.







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The Fat Loss Revolution- Streaming Workouts Wherever You Are!
Right To Your Computer, TV, Tablet, or Smart Phone!


online workouts for home metcon, wodify jason yun home fitness


Less then $.40 a day! Sign up today and workout with YUN!

Jason Yun fitness at home streaming workout videos to get fit

streaming workout videos by Jason Yun


Thanks for the LBN Online Strength & Fitness Workouts!!!! I have always enjoyed your local Bootcamps and was getting noticeably stronger while I could attend. I even lost weight without dieting. I haven’t been able to attend your local Bootcamps due to my extensive traveling.
The Online workouts are the PERFECT ANSWER and I can’t wait to get back on track 🙂
I love that I can take the Online Workouts and you with me anywhere I go…I think all of us Online Campers should start a blog to see where we take you and the Bootcamps…this week you were in St. Simon Island, Georgia.
Again, Thank YOU Jason! It’s great having you and your Bootcamps back in my life.
Planning on looking better naked soon~

– Susan Tracy

streaming workout videos by Jason Yun


Just gotta tell you how much we love the online bootcamp! It works out so well with our crazy schedules. Eric’s been doing the advanced ones and I’ve been doing the Ab and Beginner ones. Our bands should be arriving shortly so we can do the band ones and Eric said I should be able to do the advanced ones too. It’s so funny, I’ve been going to the gym every day to TAN and NOT do CARDIO! I used to be the cardio queen and now I am just using my gym membership to tan pre-vacation… that’s how much I like online workouts with Jason!

– Heather Dyarmett

lbn online fitness videos no cardio

yun's online fitness workout videos work

streaming workout videos by Jason Yun


I’ve always loved working out and even more so being athletic. Once I got out of college and into the work force my time was sparse and my attitude towards boring workouts zapped any desire I had to go to a gym. I missed the fast paced, straight forward, fun routines that sports once brought me, and desperately wanted to find something that I enjoyed doing…not just something I did because I felt like I had to. That’s when I found Jason’s bootcamps. I attended in person for over a year and then I got pregnant. I continued through month 7 of my pregnancy (which I think helped with the birth by the way….3 hour labor with a first baby…no drugs). In any event, I had every intention of coming back to bootcamp. Well, anyone who has ever had a baby knows that attending to a newborn doesn’t leave you with much free time. Not to mention the lack of sleep. Oh how crave a good night’s sleep. While I missed working out, the last thing I wanted to do was try to give myself another thing to logistically navigate. I am glad Jason added the online bootcamp to his business. I prefer the competition of working out in a group, but having these great workouts to do at home has given me a boost of motivation back and taken away some of my guilt for not being able to force myself to go to an actual workout class. I would recommend trying out the online workouts…even if it’s temporary. I think you’ll get hooked!

– Erin McLaughlin

streaming workout videos by Jason Yun

I was a member of Jason’s in-class boot camp for 6 months. I LOVED it! It was exactly the kind of workout regimen I needed to whip my butt into shape. Not only did I lose inches and pounds, I gained a lot of self-confidence and drive, which is what I needed to transform myself into someone that WANTS to be fit and active. The workouts were always fun and Jason did a good job keeping everyone motivated to push themselves harder. You can do anything for 30 seconds… Well, when my 6 months was up, I decided to give the online camp a try, since it had just started. I really enjoy the online classes, and honestly find them just as engaging and effective as in-class boot camp. You even get Jason’s encouraging pushes in the background, almost like he’s there giving the class. The online camps really work for me because I have even more flexibility to do them when and where it’s convenient for me, which also means more than 3 days per week, if I want. If you are hesitating about signing up, just go for it! Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

– Frances Rabon

streaming workout videos by Jason Yun


Just wanted to say your workouts are truly motivating. I have done this since April 2011 and was referred by a family member. I had tried dieting and othe things but with working out and intense caloire counting I have lost 18 pounds so far and many inches. I totally forgot to measure my inches before starting!!! Wish I had though I went from a size 10 to 8. My goal is 6 and about 130-135. I have 2 active children and this is perfect. Also being asthamatic this has helped my need for not using my inhaler all the the time.
Thanks! I am truly inspired and motivated and have referred many people to your site. So glad I was told!!!!

– Jessica Nhem

streaming workout videos by Jason Yun

LBN online workouts are great! I have this love/hate relationship with the online, Jason. I hate having to do the workouts because you push me to give it my all, but I love it after I am done because I feel great afterwards. It is so convenient too. I have done my online workouts at various times of days. I push to do 6 times a week. 3 days advanced training and ab workout and 2 days kettlebell training. Love that you have your phases on there. Easy for me to keep track on my workout sheet. No more excuses on missing workouts! All on me. Plus I can take online workouts with Jason anywhere! You should create an online Warroir Jason mascot. LOL.

I have always enjoyed your workouts when I started with you 2 years ago, but life activities as you know have kept me from coming to your workouts. In all seriousness, people who are making excuses that it is difficult to make it to workout practice should really give LBN Online Workouts a try.

Lastly, I decided to try your Mindtamer along with LBN. I thought if I am going to get myself physically fit with LBN being my guide, I will need some guidance to get me mentally fit. I have finished module 1 and it has been an eye opener. I have created my vision board with pictures of what I want for myself. It helps and reminds me to be focused on my goals. Miriam, my daughter put pictures of her goals (swim coach and Olympic swimmer.) I started to write down what needs to be done for the day and cross off as I complete them. Working on my breathing techniques.

I do appreciate your videos. You are down to earth. Pretty much the same as you are in person. I really like the fact that you have been through all 12 modules and your guidance is not fake. I usually get a chuckle when I hear your dogs in the background. I love taking my online Mindtamer Jason with me anywhere too because it is online. How about a Zen Jason mascot?

I find myself looking forward to the next module. Here I learn patience because I keep clicking on module 2 and it won’t let me in til it is time. LOL

Thanks Jason for being my personal online fitness and mental teacher! (Bowing to the computer.)

–  Sincerely your student,
Maria Noll


online workous with jason yun LBN strength and fitness and yoga workout at home

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  1. Alan Cline says:


    I found your site as I was looking for workout recommendations for the Universal Strength Apparatus. I have one of these and would like to incorporate it into my workouts.

    Do you have any workouts that utilize the USA?


    Alan Cline

  2. Brian Young says:

    Just got back from a week long vacation with the family to Orlando. Because I had thrown my resistance bands in my suitcase and had my laptop with me, my nephew and I were able to crank out a couple of the on-line band workouts thanks to Jason’s LBN On-Line workouts. Nice knowing that I don’t have to worry about getting out of the habit of my weekly workouts when I’m out of time with Jason just a few clicks away!

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